Monday, January 14, 2013

Contoh Pidato Singkat Bahasa Inggris

Contoh Pidato menjadi sesuatu hal yang sering dibutuhkan orang untuk mencari sumber referensi untuk tema pidato mereka. Pidato seringkali digunakan di acara-acara resmi seperti perpisahaan sekolah, pembukaan kegiatan resmi, dan acara-acara resmi lainnya.

Pidato kerap juga digunakan sebagai bahasan yang menjadi indikator di sekolah dalam pelajaran Bahasa Indonesia yang harus kita lakukan. Tak heran jika contoh pidato banyak dicari oleh para pelajar sebagai sumber referensi tentang tema yang akan dibicarakan dalam pidatonya nanti.

Terkadang ada juga berpidato yang diharuskan dalam berbahasa Inggris, seperti acara internasional atau lomba tentang pidato bahasa inggris, contohnya pidato presiden di ASEAN misalnya, ataupun acara-acara resmi yang turut mengundang internasional.

Nah untuk itu mungkin postingan ini dapat menjawab kebutuhan Anda terutama sebagai pelajar yang ingin mencari contoh pidato bahasa inggris yang singkat dan cocok Anda gunakan misalnya di perlombaan pidato bahasa inggris. Berikut ini contoh pidato yang dirangkum dari berbagai sumber:

Contoh Pidato

Contoh Pidato Pengaruh Internet Bahasa Inggris

Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb

To the teachers who I respect, to my beloved friend, and everyone who attending in this place, thank you very much to give me time so I can stand up here in front all of you to deliver a speech.

On this happy morning, let us reflect and pray together for a moment, hopefully we are up this morning still blessed with happines by God the Almighty, given the power to give thanks always. And let us prove to keep running and stay away from the obligation imposed by Allah the Lord is the Most Just.

Well, today, in this very special moment, let me stand here to deliver a speech about Internet Effect for Our Life.

As we know, nowadays, Internet is very important for us. But, actually, what is the meaning of Internet ? The Internet is combined worldwide network of computers that form a global information network system. The history of Internet started in 1969 when Defense Advance Research Projects Agency (DAPRA) decided to conduct research on how to connect a number of computer. Actually, Internet originally used in military and university. But now, general public around the world can enjoy, or access them very easily. The number of Internet users in one country can be the size of the country's technological progress.

Contoh Pidato Hari Kartini Bahasa Inggris

Dear Mr and Mrs ...
Dear Mr. Chairman of the RW ...
Mr Chairman of the RT ...
Adolescents and youth peer territory ...
Ladies and noble presence,

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.
Prosperous and happy congratulations also goes to our audience and the presence of a religion other than Islam.

On this happy morning, let us reflect and pray together for a moment, hopefully we are up this morning still blessed with happiness by God the Almighty, given the power to give thanks always, the grace and guidance of Almighty God. Gratitude, let us prove to keep running and stay away from the obligation imposed by Allah the Lord is the Most Just.

Furthermore, on this blessed morning, we should also grateful for the opportunity given by God the Almighty God's love, who by his grace we can also jointly held a ceremony commemorating the "Day of Kartini." Kartini's name, is not foreign. Even in this present life had etched an attitude, especially the attitude of the mother, the attitude of the adolescent, who reflects the ideals of the noble mother of Kartini.

Contoh Pidato Global Warming Bahasa Inggris

Assalamu warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,
Peace for us all,

The honorable teacher and all my beloved friends. Praise to the Merciful God, Allah SWT. Because of Allah blessing us so we can gather in here.

In this sunny day, I would like to invite all my friends and teachers for a moment to think and care about the state of our motherland which is currently being hit by the problem, and that problem is about "Global Warming".

Global warming is familiar for Indonesian people and even the world's people because of these issues will determine our future and future generations. Lost of the future for all people is not the same as losing the election or losses in the stock market, and I stand here to represent the next generation and the animals are dying due to countless lost habitat.

Global warming could cause the sinking of the islands, in the extreme climate changes. Maybe later All grandchildren will be afraid to be in the sun because of the holes in the ozone. They are also afraid to breathe because they do not know what chemicals are carried by air.

All this happened in front of us and although we still act as if we still have a lot of time and all the solutions.

Severn Cullis-Suzuki is one of the observers of environmental issues that concern with the issue of Global Warming. He began his career at the age of 9 years with the organization founded the Environmental Children's Organization (ECO), an organization dedicated to learning and teaching kids about environmental issues of Life. In 1992, He was with friends ECO raise funds to attend the World Summit in Rio De Janeiro. There Severn Suzuki presents a speech about environmental issues in front of delegates countries. Imagine 12 years to bring a speech in front of important people in the world and managed to gain extraordinary appreciation.

A quote his words that impressed me is:

"I was just a kid and I do not have any solution but I want you to realize that you all are just like me!
You do not know how to fix the holes in our ozone layer.
You do not know how to restore salmon to the river of origin.
You do not know how to bring back the animals that have become extinct.
And you can not restore the forests as in the past in its place is now only a desert.
If you do not know how to fix it.
Please stop breaking it! "

With a few sentences together let us realize that we are all part of a large family, and we all share the air, water, and land on the same planet, borders and governments will not change it for that we must look after each other.
Therefore, for our salvation let us begin with participating in the global warming movement or start from ourselves
I really hope this speech can evocative of you to always keep natural that we use together. I hope our descendants in the future can still enjoy our planet.
For all the understanding and support of friends and teachers, I thank you. May Allah have mercy on us. Let us watch and care of this earth as well as possible.

Wassalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.